Perimeter patrol

Perimeter patrol


Piracy remains a persistent threat to maritime commerce, with small pirate vessels frequently targeting large commercial ships, particularly under the cover of darkness. These attacks often involve the boarding of vessels, with pirates seizing control of both the crew and valuable cargo. Compounding the issue is the lack of effective mobile long-range detection tools, leaving ship captains without crucial aerial insights into nearby pirate activities. Consequently, many captains opt to avoid known danger zones, such as the treacherous waters off the East Coast of Africa. Additionally, ships navigating coastal areas tend to increase their speed, as historical data shows that no vessel traveling faster than 18 knots has ever been successfully boarded by pirates. However, these defensive strategies come at a cost, resulting in extra fuel expenses and wasted time due to longer, alternative routes. When considering the cumulative impact on the shipping industry, including insurance premiums and lost time, piracy is estimated to incur a staggering €6 billion in losses annually.


In response to this pressing challenge, Upteko introduces a groundbreaking solution: the Perimeter Patrol feature integrated into its multipurpose drone system. This innovative feature empowers any member of the ship's crew to monitor and investigate surrounding vessels approaching the ship, providing real-time surveillance and enhancing situational awareness. Within the Upteko drone system, a user-friendly interface enables crew members with no prior drone experience to operate and control the aerial camera, directing it in any desired direction for comprehensive monitoring of potential threats.

In Conclusion

By leveraging this cutting-edge technology, ships can proactively detect and respond to pirate activity, thereby enhancing the safety and security of both crew and cargo while minimizing the economic impact of piracy on the shipping industry.