Leading the way into the drone era

Leading the way into the drone era

We continuously thrive to develop and innovate drone technology for improving the maritime sector.

Have a look at the projects we are working on currently.

Simplifying maritime complexities through innovative drone technology

Operational Package Deliveries with Drones

In the project Operational package deliveries with drones, the project partners develop and test two helicopter drones to improve the freight and transfer of equipment to wind turbine engineers at sea. The prototype drone can carry 5-10 kg. The drones must either fly from a land-based warehouse to the offshore wind turbine or from the service ship that follows the technician. By using pack drones, the cost of servicing offshore wind turbines will be reduced.

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Offshore Operating Drones

In the project, the partners will combine known sensor and drone technology that in a new way can collect data that can give gas leak alerts. The finished product will be a drone that can be controlled by a drone operator from a ship to detect potential leaks on offshore platforms. Along the way, the partners will test the combined drone and sensor technology in blowing weather for up to 15 meters per second. The solution will later be developed so that the technology can be used in many other places in the offshore industry.

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Contactless Laser-Induced Photoluminescence Imaging(LIPI) for Drone-Based Photovoltaic inspection

The aim of the project is to develop a drone-based solution for fast and accurate inspection of photovoltaic (PV) plants in operation. The technology builds on a combination of a line laser and a short-wave infrared (SWIR) camera, where the latter is sensitive to silicon reemits the laser light. By scanning with the laser and camera over the PV panels high-resolution images can be obtained showing microcracks and faults even before they become critical to energy production fully contactless.

LIPI, because of its high accuracy level and ability to work in any weather conditions, will replace infrared imaging systems that are currently used for drone-based outdoor inspection of installed PV systems. Luminescence imaging is the most precise technology for fault identification and can be used as quality control before shipment of photovoltaic modules. The current project brings the technology onto a drone and in the field.

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