Multiple sectors can benefit from drone technology.
The opportunities for drones are endless.

Multiple sectors can benefit from drone technology


The opportunities for drones are endless. We aim to support your organization throughout the process of understanding, integrating, and implementing drone solutions.


Upteko has been consistently involved with the maritime industry since its inception. We are developing a drone system solution to live on the ship, to connect port operations on the ground and at the sea, with insight from the sky. This system includes a drone and a charging station for the drone that will be installed on the ship. The drone can autonomously perform a variety of tasks and then fly back and charge its batteries while staying protected against weather. 

With an in-depth understanding of the challenges that the maritime industries face in attempting long and expensive inspections and other operational tasks, Upteko’s software and hardware drone system allows a 100% automatic inspection of a ship in less than 2 hours. 
Having a permanent drone on a ship, will be extremely helpful in a number of cases that can range from Search and Rescue (SAR) operations, vessel docking, dry dock inspections, fire hazard detection and situational awareness among other functionalities.

There are currently two services under the Maritime industry, called Ship Inspection (for inspection of ships in dry docks) and Lärke (for SAR operations). 


Upteko in collaboration with Drone Innovator are currently working on a LIDAR solution that can be used to inspect and measure buildings. The payload has been built and is currently being testet and used for showcase. 
More information to come: 1/6-2020 

Construction site data: Upteko has extensive experience with inspection tasks in the field of constructions. So far everything has been done manually but Upteko is now using this experience and the date to collaborate with Danish- based company Buildcode to develop special software and hardware that can record location-based data using our drone system. 
In conjunction with the precision tools developed in the collaboration, it is ensured that the drones can autonomously record data with the required precision for comparison with the construction process data. The software can control the collection and categorization of data from the construction site, link it with the building project's planning data (economy and time), as well as with drawings and models from architects and consulting engineers, producing an easy-to-understand visualization of the status and progress of the individual elements of the construction. 

The drones used can be improved based on recording quality and anti-collision functionality and be automated in terms of gathering building data on geometric tolerance deviations, process and quality control, and site estimates. Known model geometry combined with the construction schedule is used to determine an immediate route. As the building in the construction changes geometrically, it is important for the drone to be able to steer clear of obstacles and to locate them correctly in relation to what is to be recorded, including explicit real-time recognition of changes in the environment during data collection in order to be able to determine new correct registration route. 

Two services of Upteko under the Construction industry include building measurements and construction site overview. 


ODP Payload (Oil detection)
We are working on a solution for detecting oil spills on the surface of water. We are developing payloads for our drone system that can help detect the signature of oil floating on water surfaces. This payload can be installed on Lärke and can be used to automatically or manually detect oil spills.


Upteko’s involvement with the wind energy sector comes from our collaboration with the technology providers for the wind industry.

Inspections of wind turbines 
We have been manually inspecting wind-turbines since 2016. Today, we are using this data and knowledge to build Lärke and Nest.

Upteko’s autonomous drone system will provide a high-quality aerial data for all inspections and maintenance requirements, in a safer, more efficient manner, without causing operational down time.

Our drones are pre-programmed with geo-referenced 3D trajectories for the inspection of wind turbines. While flying the planned routes, several images are acquired. The actual number depends on the camera specification, flight altitude and post-processing performance (overlap between images). All images are georeferenced using the UAV position at the acquisition time and these images are afterwards stitched together and in one picture on which the location of the damages are shown.

We deliver these data as per the clients' requirements in raw files or provide a damage report that explains the severity of damages from type 1 to type 5.

Offshore delivery with drones
Challenge: Most service tasks related to offshore wind turbines are performed in the nacelle of the wind turbine, which houses, among other things, the offshore wind turbine generator, gearbox and braking mechanism. When service technicians work in the wind turbine's nacelle, supplies of additional equipment such as bolts, nuts or special tools may be needed, which in some cases, can be delivered from the service ship that follows the technician at sea. If the equipment is not on board, it must be brought ashore and it requires sailing time.

Idea for solution
In the project Operational Package Deliveries with Drones, the project partners develop and test two drones to improve the freight and transfer of equipment to wind turbine engineers at sea. One drone can carry up to 30 kg - the other 5-10 kg. The drones must either fly from a land-based warehouse to the offshore wind turbine or from the service ship that follows the technician. By using these drones for deliveries, the cost of servicing offshore wind turbines will be reduced.

Upteko is developing a prototype for proof of concept in this project, that can showcase delivery of heavy weight equipment ,directly from vessel to nacelle can be done safe and autonomous by drone. The proof of concept drone will only be carrying 5kg but it will be possible to scale up this design for delivery of high volumes of payload.


Here, you can take a look at the projects we are working on currently


Operational Package Deliveries with Drones


Offshore Operating Drones

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